A few years back, not many were fully aware of the potential of digital marketing. By going online, your business is able to gain visibility and grow rapidly.

Here are the 10 Important Digital Marketing Trends of 2022 You Must Know

1. The Importance of Top-tier Content:
Having top-quality content is crucial as you will see others including your competitors improve their content. You either have to step up your game or else you will most likely fall behind.

Pay more attention to copywriting, blog writing, visuals, and videos.

2. The Rise of Influencer Marketing:
Utilizing influencers is a popular and in-demand way to attract potential customers. Influencers can come from a variety of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more.

You can identify and shortlist influencers you feel are suited to represent your brands.

3. Online Advertising Galore:
With so many people having their eyes glued to their phones on a daily basis, they are more certain to come across a plethora of online ads, so placing your ads offline like putting it in the newspaper or magazine might not be a probable idea at the moment. Facebook and Google ads are expected to continue dominating online ads.

As many more businesses embrace digitalization, we will potentially see more online ads than ever.

4. E-commerce Will Continue To Grow:
E-commerce platforms will unsurprisingly continue to maintain their rapid growth. If your business is not on e-commerce platforms, you might want to consider it as it is a huge missed opportunity.

5. Live-Stream Shopping:
Years back, Home Shopping TV Shows were a thing, with Livestream shopping being an evolution of the format which takes full advantage of the interactive potential of social media. However unlike Home Shopping TV Shows of the past, shopping via live stream provides a more unique experience as it offers more engagement between viewers and the host of the program, besides that, gamified content during the live stream is used to entertain viewers and reward them with promotions, discounts, or giveaways.
Live streaming is an ideal way for brands to get closer to customers, greatly improving brand appeal and differentiation.

6. Who is Your Target?
As the digital landscape keeps changing consumers are becoming increasingly selective about the media they receive and consume, be mindful of which audience demographic is your business targeting and what are the interests and appeals of that specific demographic.

7. Being Transparent:
It is the dawn of a new era of trust and transparency between company and consumer. Building a healthy relationship with the consumer plays a key role in your business or brand being favored by many and helps gain consumer loyalty. Communicate with customers about what data you are collecting and for what reasons. Make it easy and accessible to opt out at any point. And don’t collect any data beyond what you require, the last thing you want is to betray a consumer’s trust.

8. Personalization:
The digital realm is a rather oversaturated place, if you want to stand out amongst the crowd, you need to personalize your marketing, which means personalizing content, products, emails, and many more. Rather than casting a wide net in the hope that it appeals to as many people as it can, narrowing it down to specific advertising that caters to your audience will generate more appealing results.

9. Conversational Marketing 24/7:
With the runaway train of progress ever moving, it is ever so with how technology shaped the world around people with one being an increased interest in conversational marketing. The expectation of instant and direct messaging in real-time, and with the usage of chatbots, that expectation can be realized. Given most people got little time to spare and need information quickly or else they might lose interest, relying on chatbots can be a real benefactor as chatbots are always there and helpful in providing the information needed about a product on the dot rather than waiting a few hours, even days for an answer from a Human chat operator.

10. Get The Word Out There:
Social messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram are another execution of a conversational marketing strategy. People expect businesses to have a presence on messaging apps because it’s a direct and easy way to interact with them. Through social messaging apps, contacts could be cultivated, information delivered in a timely manner, and of course, boost sales.

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