During the past few years, the internet, joined by its many enhancing platforms, came close together to ease our communications, regardless of the region and location across the globe. And for these internet services, there has been a huge demand for freelance web designer services in various countries including Malaysia.

These undeniable changes have made us look at careers and financial stability under a different light than our predecessors could, because -at the time- they lacked the tools to envision different scenarios. 

This brand new path is enlighting employees to see themselves, underneath the career field, in the short, medium, and long-run a little bit differently than before, as a direct consequence of the landscape changes.

Does Working as a Freelance Designer Represent a Valid Option in Malaysia? 

Freelance Web Designer MalaysiaCurrently, a fast-growing percentage of workers are leaning towards getting jobs as a freelance agent in replacement of becoming a working man-hour force enlisted to a corporation.

Malaysia is not a foreigner to this reality; in fact, it’s quite the opposite, with more than 30% of the population estimated to be working as a freelance agent; a figure, which by the way, keeps on rising.

Web design is one of the leading examples in this relatively new phenomenon, showcasing people choosing the freedom of working from home, at their command and pace, instead of accepting a permanent position in a tighter and more controlled environment.

But, what if we told you that by working with SWOT, Malaysia’s fastest growing online marketing provider, you could make both worlds collide. Is this something that, as a freelance web designer, interests you?

How Can You Work with SWOT?

Working with an on the rising agency comes with many advantages, especially if you are interested in maintaining a freelancer status.

SWOT offers a career plan where outsiders to the company, with the skills and credentials backing the position and profile needs, merge to join forces in taking on a project that demands a particular set of duties not owned by many.

The two-sided collaborative effort begins in a manner where both parts feel comfortable with each other, focusing on completing the tasks and the final project, the client is eagerly awaiting to receive.

The fruitful environment could only lead to growth and empathy between the collaborative parts.

On the other hand, if as a client, you require the fixed-term services of a freelance web designer, SWOT, the fresh yet coveted and popular online marketing solution provider of Malaysia, could assist you enlisting the collaborator you need to move forward with your project.

The Agency Does More than Web Design

The full scope of SWOT’s capabilities specializes in providing:

  • Website & customizable solutions that creates top services in website design and development, E-commerce design and development, and web & mobile apps development.
  • Digital marketing, establishing your niche by using the most excellent tools available: Google Advertisement, search-engine optimization (SEO), social media management (Facebook and Instagram), and email marketing.
  • Creative & production, presenting your business through commercial photography and videography, graphic design, and corporate content writing.

Don’t waste time and contact SWOT today!

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