Ever wondered how the world’s most popular search engine stores, analyses and distributes data for all our searches? Here’s a brief introduction to the processes taking place on every website indexed and search made. A peek into one of the most indispensable technologies of today’s digitized world.

  1. Crawling
    The process of using ‘crawlers’ to follow hyperlinks on the web to discover new pages. When crawlers get to page, they gather information about that page and follow links to other pages. They then report back what they found to the search engine.
  2. Indexing
    Billions of web pages and content are stored in Google’s index database. Crawlers obtain this content and send them to Google for the content to be analysed and stored. All data is stored in the search index.
  3. Ranking
    It’s an automated process that works in symphony with Google’s algorithm to sort and determine the most relevant results from billions of web pages for any search query.

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