How to Get a Top Malaysia Web Design Package for Your Project?

Launching a new online project is a task that demands strategic planning and precise budget estimations, aligned together, letting you embark on the many activities in need of completion to accomplish the target date set to introduce into the digital world your products and services, and ultimately your brand.

Here is where the team from SWOT, a Kuala Lumpur-based web design agency Malaysia locals trust, is ready to bring a guiding light into your world, showing the different ways in which you can count on to materialize the project and finally recommend -based on your insight and expectations- the best way to do it, practically turning a basic web design package into a customized one, sure to meet the ideals of your brand. 

Start Out by Defining the Best Web Design Package for Your Online Project

Depending on the profile of your company, including:

  • the number of staff members, 
  • financial figures, 
  • niche, and 
  • the goals you have in mind to position your website or application in the market, 

SWOT will assess and then determine the best solution to take on your project and make it a reality. 

While working with you, SWOT will use a software that’s sophisticated yet simple to translate into a functional and easy to operate final product enjoyed by all users! 

What Are the Technical Aspects Involved in a Malaysia Web Design Package?

The main technical aspects involved in a Malaysia web design package are varied, featuring:

  • Domain definition.
  • Web hosting.
  • Design preferences.
  • Establishing the number of pages.

SWOT uses WordPress as a content management system, already adding a professional and impressive pre-design feature to the page.

It’s essential you know the work will be executed based on the nature of your requirements. For instance, there will be crucial differences in the job to undertake if, instead of designing and developing a new website/application, the actual necessity is doing the update of an existing platform.

Why Is the Malaysia Web Design Package so in Demand?

With 6 years in the market, SWOT has been capable of building an impressive portfolio, highlighted by more than 150 projects successfully completed for more than 100 clients from all over the region, adding along the way strategic partnerships with leading companies in the fields of advertisement, E-commerce, marketing, web hosting, and template design. 

Unlike other companies, SWOT is able to offer to the different clients an affordable web design Malaysia package, with prices starting at RM1,800. The definitive price will also cover:

  • Technical assistance.
  • Unlimited pages.
  • SSL certificate.
  • Corporate email and many more features.

SWOT is very transparent and won’t ever charge you hidden fees. Their priority is establishing a long-lasting bond with the clients!

Contact Information

Whether it is building a site from scratch or doing an upgrade on an existing platform, the team of creatives behind SWOT has the capable hands to help you achieve your goals for an ideal price. Contact them today!

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