The Advantages and Disadvantages of WordPress


  • Popular & Easy to transferMost of the web developer use wordpress, because it's friendly use and open source that allow update it and transfer the content from one to another
  • Many of pluginsPlugin is like an add on function for your website, you can add any new function you want into your website. Some free plugins are just awesome to use.
  • SEO readyRemember about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) before you developing a website, ensure your website is SEO friendly. Wordpress will eliminate this concern as it's SEO ready and allow indexed by Google!
  • Fast Comparing to developing from scratch, most of theme come with demo import, you can easily to custom your design from the demo and it's mobile friendly!


  • VulnerabilityProper protection such as strengthen your login password, updates, install malware protection must be done by every Wordpress website. Wordpress ran by open source platform, hence it's subject to the risk of hacking.
  • LimitationAlthough Wordpress supports many plugins, nevertheless it's has limitation when come to customisation to some unique function.
  • Frequent UpdatesTo run frequent updates from time to time is a must to ensure your website is working and prevent hacking issues.
  • Website can be slowSome themes and plugin come with a lot of unnecessary files and codes, hence it's slow down your website loading speed.
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