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We live in the digital world, and website contributes to the success of your business. If you don’t have a website, you are closing the door for golden business opportunities. You can use business to implement multiple marketing strategies to help your business grow.

Web advertising has a far greater spread than any other type of advertising technique. Your website serves as your company’s online portfolio. You can promote your company on the internet by using social networking sites, forums, and pay-per-click advertising programs of an established web design company in Malaysia.

A website and an online presence strategy can help you market your company online. A website is essential because it contributes to a company’s credibility. Another important consideration is that you can represent your customers; why should they rely on you and testimonials and facts to back up those opportunities by creating a website?

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Various Website Packages Offered by SWOT

Have a glimpse at the website packages offered by SWOT!

1) One Page Website Design: This website is only one page long. Clients scroll down the page and click on the navigation links to move to the desired segment of the content. This basic one-page website design includes:
-Single-page website with content sections
-Ideal for small businesses
This website design is appropriate for a small business. Furthermore, if you only want to generate leads from a single page, this is most likely the website development package for you.
It is not a good option for big corporations that need a website with more web pages. The single-page website is ideal for landing pages or small businesses that don’t require a lot of content on their website.

2) Corporate Website: Swot is the solution for you if you need a corporate website design in Malaysia.

Each of our corporate websites includes:

-Well-structured and easy-to-navigate web pages.
-Scalable solution for your website’s requirements.

This multi-page website design ensures excellent SEO capabilities. Because you can target a different keyword for each page, you will be able to rank multiple keywords on your site with ease.

This web package is ideal for businesses that need to update their website on a regular basis or have a large amount of content for users to digest. This is also the best option if you want to have more than one page for lead generation.

If your company wants to expand into new markets and add new products to its portfolio on a regular basis, this scalable solution is the way to go. You can easily add new web pages at any time, and our advanced technical support can always assist you in creating new web pages in the future.

Our website packages for corporate website design start at RM 2,990. Contact our team right away to get started on your premium corporate website design.

Explore our website for our portfolio and get in touch with us.

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